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Bilal Mehmood is the chairman and chief executive of UDC Design Center. Bilal and his teams are the best architects and building designers in Surrey, BC, Vancouver and the lower mainland.

After achieving a masters degree from the University of Hong Kong, Mehmood went on to start two architectural firms. He has been invited all around the world in countries such as Asia, Africa, Malaysia and California to deliver his expertise.

Mehmood has built multiple buildings around the world and has worked with big brands such as Subway. Mehmood has finished thousands of creative innovate projects gaining 30+ years of experience as a professional architect.

After working on thousands of projects in different countries Bilal Mehmood is also the best Interior designer in Surrey, BC

Fast Facts

Bilal Mehmood:

– Has over 30+ years of experience as a professional Architect.

– Has been invited all around the world to deliver his expertise.

– Worked with clients in Pakistan, India, Africa, Malaysia, and California.

– Has built multiple buildings around the world and worked with big brands such as Subway.