Ling Yen Mountain Temple Richmond, BC


The Ling Yen Mountain Temple in Richmond, BC, is Buddhist monastery. Designed in the Chinese palatial style and completed in 1996. It has about 10,000 members in Greater Vancouver and several dozen resident monastics.

Designed for a Pure Land Buddhist Society, this temple complex was inspired by their namesake temple in the mountain of Central Taiwan.

Nestled on 2.5 acres of land in Richmond, the temple complex serves as a comprehensive worship and education facility. Parking and service functions occur at a grade below a platform where the main buildings are located around a courtyard. The Buddha Hall, open to the public, is located at the entry/front of the platform. Dormitories, library, classrooms and dining hall are grouped around a courtyard to the rear centred by the Recitation Hall, used for the spiritual practice of the monks and nuns.


The temple has regular celebrations of events during different seasons. During the celebration of Buddha’s birthday and Chinese New Year, the building is surrounded by 1000 special lanterns. Paramita Ball prayers are also set out on occasion.

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Ling Yen Mountain Temple in Richmond, BC Buddhist Temple in Richmond, BC