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Best Tips to start your own Architecture Firm

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How to succeed as an Architect

How to become a well respected Architect in your community

How to start your own company or firm and make money

If You are an architect or wanting to become one. Here a few tips on how to make more money and succeed as an architect.

Step 1: Becom the best

Surrey, BC Architecture Career

If you want to succeed you have to learn and get good. If you lack experience and open your own business. You risk months of work having to be redone. Frustrated client and no money. Not to mention your most important asset. Your reputation. Simply put, You have to learn. You have to practice and work for someone else. Only when your confident should you start your own business.

Step 2: Starting Your Own Business

Congrats! Now you have experience and are ready to start your own company. Now what?

Registering Your Company

First, brainstorm a name. If you are starting a company only in your area. Add keywords like Architect, Interior Designer, Home Plan in your name to rank better on Google. If starting a firm or wanting to expand, don't use generic words/keywords.

There are many sites that walk you threw starting a new business. A simple google search away.

Step 3: Advertising

There are three ways of advertising your company

  1. SE0 (Search Engine Optimization)
  2. Social Media (Facebook, Instagram and Twitter)
  3. Paid Ads (Facebook, Google, Instagram etc.)

Warning. Do not spend a lot of money on this. Visit or to get it done. People are willing to do this for $1000 or less! A basic website will do.

Create Your Website

Winning Website Factors* IMPORTANT

  1. Services what you offer.
  2. Video introducing yourself, your story and about you.
  3. A lot of social proof. Convince each client to give you a video or written testimonial. Always collect pictures and testimonials. The more the better!

SEO and How To Rank On Google

This can be complicated. Visit and outsource this. Again you should not have to spend more can $2000 to permanently be on Google maps and search result.

Tell Your SEO Person To Rank For:

  1. Architect "your area" Example - Surrey, BC Architecture Career
  2. Interior Designer "your area" Example - Interior Design Surrey, BC
  3. Home Plan "your area" etc. Example - Home Plan Surrey, BC

Social Media - Getting The Word Out

The first step is to tell everyone. The key to success is exposure. Tell your friends and family. Create a Facebook, Instagram and Twitter Page and post daily. Post entertaining facts or show of your work. The key to social media is posting great, entertaining content.

How To Get Followers

The best way again is threw posting great content. Then find a bunch of people in your area using hashtags and follow them. If you have great content a few will follow you back.

Run a contest

You can always insentience people to follow you or tag their friends. The winner will get a free Starbucks gift card. Get creative!

Paid Ads

Once your on Google for the search terms or keywords you want and have the social proof on your website should you be running ads.

Facebook Ads

Choose the Traffic Conversion on Facebook. Run $5 ads and always test. If after 5 days you get a client or a call to book an appointment. Keep running that ad and gradually increase the budget. If nothing happens. Kill the ad.

Step 4 Make Friends and Get More Clients

Other than ranking on Google the most effective way to get more clients is by making friends in your area. Talk to Realtors, Builders and Construction companies. If they like you they will refer you. The more exposure and connections you have the more people will want to recommend and work with you.