Best Fast Food Places In Surrey, BC

Nearest Fast Food Restaurants in Surrey, BC

Every week I treat myself to one place. It could be Tim Hortons, Mcdonalds or Chicken World. Regardless, I have to have fast food at least once a week. Below is my list of the best fast food places in Surrey, BC.

1) Tim Hortons (Newton Exchange Area)

I love Tim Hortons. The coffee there is top-notch and the breakfast is great. But my favourite thing to get is a warm, toasty grilled steak N cheese sandwich with potato wedges. It can dry that’s why I always make sure to get a chipotle sauce with my wedges and sandwich. I top it off with heir famous Canadian Iced Capp, a Boston cream doughnut and the frosted cinnamon bun. If you want something quick and delicious. I would highly recommend Tim Hortons. It doesn’t matter if its breakfast, lunch or dinner. Tim Hortons big menu is sure to satify anyone at any time of the day! For breakfast, they have snack wraps and egg sandwiches. For lunch, they have sandwiches, soups, salads and drinks. Tim Hortons also has fresh coffee and fresh doughnuts every single day!

2) Subway

Another global fast food joint loved by millions of people around the world. Subway is known for its quick and healthy sandwiches. Recently they have rolled out paninis, soup, and snack wraps. It can be healthy depending on what you order. But if you want something quick and delicious Subway is the place to go. Why? because you can get fresh vegetables and fresh meat made right in front of you! You can also choose toppings and the bread you want.

Pro Tip: Get the meal! the cookies are delicious warmed up and there nothing better than a drink to go with your sandwich.

3) Mary Brown

Another Mary Brown just opened up here in Surrey. The meat is 100% Halal and delicious. Its almost like KFC or Chicken World, but tastes much better. Perfect for spending time with the family, eating mouth-watering fried chicken.

4) Dairy Queen

Another favourite of mine, Dairy Queen is a fast food shop that sells burgers, fries hot dogs, pretzels and desserts. That have world-famous ice cream cakes that are used to celebrate birthdays and special events around the world. They also have delicious treats such as the Blizzard. Known for its many different flavours its one of the most popular desserts in Surrey. Dairy Queen located near Newton Exchange is a great fast food choice for anyone with a sweet toooth. Every week they run promotions on sandwiches, drinks and even give out free prizes. Conveniently Dairy Queen is right best Hollywood 3 Cinema. Now you can get some ice cream and enjoy a movie.


Here are the best fast-food restaurants in Surrey, BC. Whether you are looking for burger and fries or delicious dessert these fast food restaurants won’t disappoint. All these restaurants are super affordable. Plus they make the perfect excuse to get out on a Friday and spend quality time with friends and family.

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