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Services we offer

  • Establish Style and Character
  • Space Planning and Furniture Arrangements
  • Furniture Specifications
  • Interior Finish Specifications and Color Schemes: Paints, Stains, Floors, Wall and Window Coverings, Surfaces, Textiles, etc.
  • Architectural Details and Specifications: Moldings, Trims, Railings, etc.
  • Custom Millwork Specifications: Furniture, Cabinetry, etc.
  • Hardware, Plumbing Fixture and Equipment Selections and Specifications
  • Electrical, Lighting, Telecommunication Specifications
  • Art and Accessories Specifications
  • Graphics and Signage Specifications
  • Finalize Budget
  • Final Presentation of Design for Approval


Why UDC?

  1. Why UDC?
    1. Get your project done perfectly with award winning architects
    2. See every detail, large or small. Make ANY changes before construction begins with Advanced 3D Technology™
    3. Affordable prices.
    4. Save more. Get discounts from industry experts we have been working with for the past 6+ years
    5. Call us day or night. We’ll answer any questions you have. Walk you threw the whole process. Be there for you every step of the way.



    Afraid of getting a bad design you’ll regret later? With UDC you’ll get the perfect design from our award winning architects. You’ll be able to see the finnshed project and every detail large or small using our 3D Technology. Don’t spend a penny on construction unless you love your project. We promise to also be there with you every step of the way. Asnwers any and all questions day or night. Our Architects will help expand your idea to the perfect finnsihed project. Even if your unsure about what you want. Plus we’ll get you in touch with anyone you need, oversee your project and make sure your project is finished just the way you want it.


Surrey BC Interior Designer

Bilal is an Award Winning Interior Designer in Surrey, BC

  • Award-Winning Architect
  •  27+ Years as a Professional Architect
  •  Worked in 8 Different Countries 
  • Started 2 Architectural Firms
  •  Worked on Thousands of Projects
  •  Designed Building and Malls around the wold
  •  27+ Years of Satisfied Customers

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Architectural Institute Of British Columbia
Surrey British Columbia Board Of Trade
Surrey, BC Chambers of Commerce
Royal Architectural Institute of Canada
Alberta Association of Architects