Top Places To Visit In Surrey, BC

Best Places To Check Out in Surrey, BC

We are going to look at the top places to visit here in Surrey, BC. Having lived in Surrey for 6+ years, our family has been to a lot of places. In this list, we have come up with the top things to do and where.

1) Visit Crescent Beach, Surrey
Crescent Beach is the biggest and most popular beach in Surrey. Every Summer its completely filled with thousands of people going for a swim and spending time with friends and family. I recommend going there early and catching the most amazing sunrise. Or if you are a night owl go there at around 6:70 pm to see the gorgeous sunset. Filled with high-quality restaurants and amazing ice cream/gelato parlours. Its the perfect way to spend quality time with friends and family on a lazy Sunday!

2) Bear Creek Park
At the heart of Surrey lies Bear Creek. Having the most amazing hiking/walking trails it definitely deserves a spot on my list. Thousand so of people visit Bear Creek all year for its beauty. Get outside in the gorgeous forest and be one with nature. Go on a hike or walk with friends and family. And feel the happiness of being out in nature. Exercising and talking in the sun!

3) Museum Of Surrey
This would not be a perfect list of course, without the Museum of Surrey. It has amazing artwork and statues. And it not just for adults. Kids can enjoy the fun programs and activities the Museum hosts. Pure fun with songs, crafts and games. The best part is you can host your kids birthday party there.

4) Ocean Park
Now, just like Bear Creek, Ocean park should be on your bucket list. Perfect for going on long stress reliving walks, jogging for a great workout and biking with friends.

5) Pacific Breeze Winery
Now I know most of my clients and readers are Muslim. But you still cant miss this! Even if you don’t drink wine you have to visit this place and truly take in the history of winemaking. They supply wine all over the world and have the most amazing process of making it. They have hundreds of flavours to choose from. Having been open for nearly two decades they have perfect winemaking. When you visit you get the full VIP treatment. You get to taste delicious cheese, crackers and wines.

6) Elements Casino Surrey
Although I don’t recommend gambling. This can be fun place to hang out with friends. They have many different machines and fun activities to do. The food is delicious and the drinks are free for VIP members. The last time I went there was 4 years ago. But If you really want to gamble and not be in nature. This is th place to go in surrey


That wraps up my list of the best places to visit in Surrey. This list has taken 6+ years to put together and I hope you love spending time at these places as much as my family has!

Surrey BC Places To Visit