10 Best Surrey, BC Restaurants

Fast Food and Dine-in Restaurants in Surrey, BC

If you are looking for fantastic restaurants in Surrey, BC, this is the perfect article to read. We are going to give you a list of amazing restaurants. After years of trying different restaurants near Newton, South Surrey and North Surrey. We have the perfect list.

1) Old Surrey Restaurant
Old Surrey Restaurant is a fine-dining French restaurant that serves many different cuisines such as steak, fries, wine and lamb. The perfect family-friendly restaurant that offers fresh ingredients. A small restaurant located near Newton Exchange.

2) Chicken World
Although Chicken World is not a restaurant we just had to mention them on this list. Their fried chicken is delicious. A halal restaurant also near Newton Exchange offers, fried chicken, burgers, drinks and more. Made with amazing spices its the best-fried chicken money can buy.

3) Afghan Chopan Restaurant
Made with authentic Pakistani flavours. Afghan Chopan offers delicious food such as kabobs, chicken tikka, rice. The food there tastes delicious but what surprises me is their service. The waiters are nice, polite and all ways take care of you. The dessert there is also delicious.

4) Denney’s
Denney’s has always been a favourite of mine. Even though its national wide meaning in America and all around the world. It still deserves a spot on this list. I love going to Denney’s, specifically late at night with my family and friends.

5) Dawood’s Meat and Pizza Shop
Halal and delicious. It is not just a pizza place. Dawood also offers halal meat! Which by the way they use as topping on their pizza. Unlike other pizza places, you get fresh cut meat straight from the farm when you dine in at Dawood. Truly a gem in Surrey!

6) Sweets 64 Restaurant
Known for its world-famous butter chicken Sweet 64 has delicious Indian sweets, samosas and classic Indian dishes. They have biryani, gobi, dhaal and other Indian dishes. Having been there many times they have earned a spot on this amazing list.

7) Sundae Delight (ice cream shop)
Yes, I get it. This is not a restaurant but hear me out. Sundae Delight has Surrey’s best gelato. They have Pakistani flavoured, authentic Faloodas, ice cream sundaes, and classic Pakistani desserts such as Kheer. Located near the busy Pile Business Center it the place you don’t want to miss on this list! At first, I was not sure if I wanted tho add this place on my masterpiece list. But having gone there many times. Receiving delicious gelato and exceptional customer service I honestly, can’t recommend this place enough! Go ahead and give Sundae Delight a try and let me know how it goes.

8) WINGS Surrey
Wings serve classic hot, spicy and sweet wings. I have recommended it before but people have come to tell me it’s “too expensive” or “very small quantity.” I can’t disagree more. Wings has always been a family favourite here in Surrey. Its the one place our family feels truly comfortable and welcomed! Having been going there for years, we love the atmosphere, the classic drink menu and the late-night sports. If there one place you need to go to go to watch a game and get a drink, It’s Wings! Wings is the Best Surrey, BC Restaurant.

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