Weather in Surrey, BC

Weather Report in Surrey, BC

Surrey British Columbia weather ranges warm, cold and windy. Most of the time it’s warm here in Surrey. It’s warm like California in the states. Today, however, the weather is nice and cool. It’s windy and it’s raining a lot of rain which rarely happens. Most days Surrey British Columbia it gets warm and hot. Thousands of people here in Surrey tune in to watch the news and see the weather report each day. Most o the time it’s the same thing. It’s warm. It rarely rains or gets cold in Surrey.

Most summers it’s extremely warm. perfect for people that like hiking or spending times outdoors with their friends and family. People can enjoy the warm weather, play sports, go out and leave the house and do fun activities outside. Without having to worry about rain. If you’re someone that likes rain, Surrey British Columbia is not the place for you! but if you love the Sun and love having nice warm weather. You have to live in Surrey.

What you can do!

When It’s Warm

When it’s warm in Surrey British Columbia you can go out with friends and family to enjoy the warm sun. Spend time on the beach and do fun activities. You can go hiking, camping, swimming canoeing and do all the activities you want. Outdoors is the perfect way to spend time with friends and family. The best thing to do is go out to Bear Creek Park and go on long relaxing walks and or hike on the trails. Or visit Crescent Beach. Go for a swim, sunbathe under the run and eat delicious meals by the restaurant. Whether it’s eating burger, fries and a drink by the beach or colling down with soothing gelato ice cream. You’ll always have a great time in Surrey.

When It’s Cold

When it’s cold here in Surrey it’s the perfect time to spend time with friends and family indoors, watching TV. While eating delicious meals and hearing the sound of raindrops, there is not much you can do outdoors when it’s raining but a lot you can do indoors. For example, go to the movie theatres and relax on the comfortable recliner chairs while eating popcorn with a drink. Or getting food fro Tim Hortons or KFC. Or go swimming at the Newton Recreation Centre or Sungod Recreation Centre. Slide down twisting water slides. Spend hours swimming with friends and having a blast But don’t forget about the gym there. You can play basketball, tennis, badminton and all the sports you want after a relaxing swim. With all the restaurants nearby, you can also have a delicious meal after a fun workout.


These are just some of the fun activities you can do whether it’s warm or cold. Surrey is the perfect place to live to do all that you want while having a good balance. It does not matter if it’s warm, cold, cloudy or freezing. There are so many fun and exciting outdoor and indoor activities you can do here in Surrey.

Surrey BC Weather